Lighthouse Point Real Estate & MLS Listings

Named after the nearby Hillsboro Inlet light house, this South Florida community is just a stone’s throw from the lapping waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Across the Intracoastal is Hillsboro Mile, otherwise known as Millionaire’s Mile, where some of the most impressive homes in the state overlook the waterways and passing yachts.

If vistas of sparkling water or mariner adventures are your cup of tea, than look no further. Almost every pocket of homes in Lighthouse Point communities overlooks the Intracoastal, and most even have deep water dockage.

Homes for Sale in Lighthouse Point

The first home in Lighthouse Point was constructed in 1947, as part of the post-war boom. Instead of joining the neighboring city of Pompano Beach, the residents decided to become their own municipality. Since then, the city has strived to maintain its small town atmosphere, and there is in fact no threat of Lighthouse Point becoming an overwhelming city, as it’s bordered by other towns to each side.

Renowned communities in Lighthouse Point include Venetian Isle and Lighthouse Manor, which are also some of the oldest in the city. Both communities are home to ultraluxury homes along the water.

Things To Do in Lighthouse Point

The major draw of living in Lighthouse Point is the access to the Intracoastal for boating and the Altantic Ocean for swimming and days soaking up the rays. In addition to the water-based activities nearby, there is plenty to see and do within the small borders of Lighthouse Point. Park and mini-parks across the city make for plenty of green spaces, offering a place for residents to have picnics and enjoy the Florida sun!

When it comes to entertainment, owning real estate here means making Lighthouse point restaurants, such as Sicilian Oven and Le Bistro, regular haunts for evenings and weekends.

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